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李維史陀 (1908–2009)
Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908–2009)

クロード・レヴィ=ストロース (1908–2009)



French anthropologist and ethnologist who exerted a major international influence on the humanities and social sciences in the second half of the twentieth century. He became one of the founding figures of structuralism from the 1950s onwards by developing his own methodology, structural anthropology, through which he profoundly renewed ethnology and anthropology by applying holistic principles from linguistics, phonology, mathematics and natural sciences.


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Claude Lévi-Strauss Quotes on the Essence of Art


「應將原始感性思維(巫術、神話、藝術)和科學理性思維視為獲得知識的兩種平行模式,而非將兩者對立。 ......科學理性思維和原始感性思維都需要同樣的心智模式,兩者的區別不在於本質的不同,而在於兩者適用不同的現象類型。」


“It is (therefore) better, instead of contrasting magic (mythical thought, art) and science, to compare them as two parallel modes of acquiring knowledge. … Both science and magic (however) require the same sort of mental operations and they differ not so much in kind as in the different types of phenomena to which they are applied.” 







”WIt was in neolithic times that man’s mastery of the great arts of civilization – of pottery, weaving, agriculture and the domestication of animals – became firmly established.…Each of these techniques assumes centuries of active and methodical observation, of bold hypotheses tested by means of endlessly repeated experiments. “





”Science would have worked on the real scale but by means of inventing (a loom) (to reproduce), while art works on a diminished scale to produce an image homologous with the object. The former approach is of a metonymical order, it replaces one thing by another thing, an effect by its cause, while the latter is of a metaphorical order. “



      The Savage Mind (Chapter One: The Science of the Concrete)

   《野生の思考》第1章: 具体の科学

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