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Artist's Statement


─ ​台灣油畫藝術家  戴敬晃

TAI Chin-Huang, Taiwan Oil Painting Artist




─ 中華民國油畫學會 理事長 蘇憲法教授

Quote from Prof. SU Hsien-Fa, Director of National Oil Painting Society, Taiwan





“It is extremely difficult to adopt single color with great variation and diversity. Take TAI Chin-Huang’s Summit as an example, Mount Qilai Series are extraordinary weighty mountains, yet the artist utilizes dark colors to generate different facets of the summit and forge its magnificence, that the viewer is impacted by its power immediately.” 

─ 教育部藝術與人文學習領域輔導群 副召集人 丘永福教授

Quote from Prof. CHIU Yung-Fu, Deputy Coordinator, Art and Humanities Learning Counseling Group, Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan



「戴敬晃作品畫面上的每個細部都處理得非常到位,足見畫家下了許多心力與功夫在每幅畫作上。 何謂藝術?藝術就是品質。戴敬晃的作品不僅可以遠觀,更經得起細看,是一位有天份的畫家。」

“Every detail of the painting has been processed and accomplished exceedingly well, we can see the artist has been extremely devoted and dedicated to his work.  What is Art? Art is Quality. TAI Chin-Huang’s painting can not only be viewed from distance, but also can be appreciated via close look. This artist is truly gifted.” 

─ 國立台灣大學藝術史研究所 陳葆真教授

Quote from Prof. CHEN Pao-Chen, Graduate Institute of Art History, National Taiwan University