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教宗庇護七世肖像 (臨摹作品)

Portrait of Pope Pius VII

Modeled after David (1748-1835)


戴敬晃  by TAI, Chin-Huang

12F  60.5 x 45.5 cm

油彩 畫布 Oil on canvas 


TAI, Chin-Huang's Art of Portraiture

台灣青年油畫藝術家─戴敬晃,於2016年榮獲「英國皇家肖像畫家學會(Royal Society of Portrait Painters;RP)」國際競賽優選,是台灣首位獲得此項殊榮的藝術家;同年10月榮獲「法國秋季沙龍賞(Le Salon d’Automne)」;才華天成,堪稱藝術界的台灣之光。


「英國皇家肖像畫家學會 (RP)」創立於1891年,由英國女王伊莉莎白二世(Her Majesty The Queen)為贊助人;學會宗旨在增進對純藝術(fine arts)的教育與欣賞,尤其要保存並促進肖像藝術(the art of portraiture)的優良傳統與成就。在英國,肖像畫迄今仍是當代藝術中極為活躍的類型,並深植人們日常生活中。「英國皇家肖像畫家學會(RP)」年度展覽為國際知名肖像畫競賽,2016年吸引來自全世界共2,000件作品參賽,最終評選出107件傑出作品,於倫敦市中心Mall Galleries展出,極具代表性。戴敬晃肖像作品於2016「英國皇家肖像畫家協會(RP)」年度競賽脫穎而出,顯示戴敬晃肖像藝術所展現的國際水準與高度成就。



In 2016, the artwork of the Taiwan oil painting artist, TAI Chin-Huang, has been accepted as one of the Final Selection to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP) International Competition and Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries.  The Society received a total of 2,000 entries in 2016, amongst which 107 paintings were accorded as the Final Selection.  It is the first artist from Taiwan who won this great honor.  TAI Chin-Huang’s landscape work has further been selected by La Salon d’Automne at October, 2016.  The dual international award recognition witnessed the rare talent of TAI Chin-Huang, and have actually crowned the artist the pride of Taiwan.

As the leading painting restorer in Taiwan today, TAI Chin-Huang repaired countless antiquity paintings in cathedrals all over northern France during his 10-years sojourn in Europe. While pursuing his master’s in Paris, he frequented the museums and modeled after numerous paintings of the great masters, which later influenced his style in portraits and landscapes with the versatility and fusion of Titian, Fragonard, David, and Monet. With his exquisite talent and skill, a moment is frozen in time as we travel to the European classical era in the presence of modern day subject.  Through the paintings of TAI Chin-Huang, we are invited on a journey to explore and contemplate the timeless beauty with our heart and soul.


Artist's Statement

「 在肖像作品中,我會根據人物性格去構思整體架構、明暗、光影、揣摩肌理,尤其是臉部各個刻度肌理受光細節,都要掌握地淋漓盡致,捕捉人物神韻;觀者可以在畫面上清楚看到畫家表現人物面部光影、肌理的筆觸意趣。」

「 肖像作品要表現不只是外在形象的肖似,更要表現出人物內在精神與深層性格,這是一個不斷揣摩的過程。影響所及,我在肖像畫追求的並非只是外在的「形似」,而是人物對象所散發的內在氣質及氛圍。」

─ 台灣油畫藝術家 戴敬晃

TAI Chin-Huang, Taiwan Oil Painting Artist

戴敬晃作品賞析 Artwork Overview of TAI Chin-Huang

戴敬晃作品賞析 Artwork Overview of TAI Chin-Huang




Oil Painting Artist

TAI Chin-Huang



Born at Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1974

Member of National Oil Painting Society of R.O.C., Salon de Mai, and Taiwan-Japan Art Association

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