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I.  展覽策劃

Exhibition Planning


As an art history expert and research team with the mission to disseminate art education, in addition to contextualizing the exhibits to present the relic’s artistic value and historical background, we emphasize to integrate educational content and technology approach to facilitate the audience’s better understanding and appreciation for the artworks. Special attention is also put to develop unique visual and spatial design to bring aesthetic sensation for the visitors.

II.  國際論壇

International Forum


Inviting international influential aesthetics and art scholars/experts as keynote speakers to share advanced ideas and insight, encouraging cultural exchange, academic conversation, and aesthetic cultivation for the public in Taiwan.

III.  藝文活動

Cultural Event


Organizing cultural activities including music appreciation and diversified art explorations to inspire the senses of beauty and cultivate taste in daily lives.

IV.  藝術講座

Art Lecture


Giving art lectures introducing the masterpieces in art history, guiding the audience to conduct dialogues in depth with great creation in human civilizations.